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34303_410955117107_643842107_5115174_2398539_nAyaka Nagata and Meaghan Harvey are the dynamic duo behind the Flirty Foodie. Having spent a combined 25 years in the food industry, they have seen the good, the bad and plenty of ugly in their relentless pursuit for the next great meal. Co-workers turned travel partners, they have eaten their way through SE Asia. Today the pair continue their ongoing love affair with food, sharing a kitchen under one roof in their hometown of Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada. The Flirty Foodie chronicles their quest to uncover the most exciting culinary experiences, recipes and stories while unwrapping the unique individuals behind them.


Ayaka Nagata
Nothing thrills this sociologist turned freelance food writer more than a loving meal shared with close friends. Her admiration of her idol Anthony Bourdain is only surpassed by her fondness for sweets and street food. Ayaka’s insatiable appetite has taken her from all you can eat izakayas in Tokyo to Southern dives all along the Eastern Seaboard and everything in between. Her nutritional advice though unconventional, rests on a pro-butter stance with laughter as the cornerstone of her exercise regime; the most effective of calorie burners. A weekly contributor to the Harbour City Star, Ayaka also devotes her time raising money for many local charitable causes such as the Nanaimo Loaves and Fishes Community Food Bank and Nanaimo Search and Rescue.


Meaghan Harvey
An unreserved shutterbug with an eye for gorgeous food, Meaghan shoots first and asks questions later. A lifelong vegetarian living amongst a family of meat-eaters, from a young age she was forced to get creative with her food choices. That is until faced with the possibility of starvation in Hanoi, Vietnam where she returned to her carnivorous roots and delved fearlessly into the world of mystery meats. A true believer that vegetarian food doesn’t have to be boring, she has a weakness for ethnic foods, a mild obsession with garlic, and an indiscriminate love of wine. Meaghan is also the owner and photographer of Oceanside Portraits.


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