Fab Food Photo of the Week: Fish Tacos

Here at the Flirty Foodie, we love a good fish taco.  A popular snack food in Mexico, they are delicious combination of crispy battered or grilled fish, pico de gallo and pickled veggies.  They are ranked high on the list of our go-to dishes and get ordered A LOT!  We’ve sampled tacos all over Vancouver Island from the cult classic Tacofino trailer in Tofino to Penny’s Palapa’s halibut tacos right here in Nanaimo.  Paired with a ice cold bottle of Negro Modello, a fish taco is unbeatable and is a must eat summer staple on those searing summer nights.  We can’t think of anything better…apart from more fish tacos!  Ling Cod Fish Tacos

This unconventional adaptation comes care of Nanaimo’s newest addition to the restaurant scene, the Driftwood Bistro. Switching out the usual cod and soft tortilla for crispy Tostadas and rich ling cod is what sets the Driftwood’s fish taco apart. Don’t take our word for it, try some fish tacos out for yourself. You’ll be hooked in no time!

Where is your source for fantastic fish tacos? Post your answers below! 

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