Fab Food Photo of the Week: IFBC Sneak Peek

peaches and blackberries on dry ice What do you get when you mix lavish meals, new friends, wine, seminars, swag, a mixology class gone awry, more food, and a visit from the infamous green fairy? IFBC!  The International Food Bloggers Conference is the mother of all food blogger conventions. This year’s festivities took place in Portland, Oregon, one of the most exciting food scenes in the US.  Meaghan made the treacherous 15 hour journey spent on on ferries, busses and public transit to attend this whirlwind event. While we don’t want to spoil the surprise, we just had to share this teaser. Taken at one of Meaghan’s favourite seminars; a food photography workshop hosted by Andrew Scrivani of The New York Times.

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