Hiatuses & Euro Trips: The Flirty Foodie is Back in Action

Flirty Foodies where did you go? Did something terrible happen? Are you guys dieting or something? Why haven’t you posted anything in a while? Are you breaking up with us? Can we cuddle?

-concerned readers

We apologize for the lack of posts of late. Rest assured we are very much alive and well. Fall has been a very busy time of year for pair of us. For the most, part it was spent fattening up in preparation for a long and cold winter. This makes for excellent heat retention and great spooning. Any takers?

Did we mention the liquid calories?

Meaghan has been busy in the kitchen, developing recipes and expanding her freelance photography. Boudoir shoots and bacon…sounds delicious non?  Ayaka on the other hand, recently came back from a whirlwind trip in Europe. Here she recaps three of her European dining experiences. Continue reading

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