Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Once restaurants close their kitchens for the evening, greasy pizza shops and fast food joints take over the dining scene. While serving as excellent booze mops, they always leave you feeling unsatisfied and craving vegetables shortly afterwards. There is a serious lack of quality late-night dining choices here in the Harbour City. So when we got wind of a newest dining destination, we were eager to fill our bellies with something tasty, without taking a straight shot to the heart.

Corner Bistro is the latest incarnation of one of our favourite drinkeries, Corner Lounge. Sensing the need for food for their thirsty customers, owner Phil Clark jumped at the opportunity to create an open space concept for his restaurant, complete with a stage set up for live acts. While there was no live music during our visit, they were playing some great local talent Five Alarm Funk which was definitely music to our ears.

Roasted Beet & Carrot Salad

What captured our attention however were some of the menu items. The pulled port styx were a hot ticket item. Breaded and deep fried strips of pulled pork served with a coffee barbecue sauce. We couldn’t get our hands on them as they were sold out, but we were told they cannot be missed.

As a consolation, we ordered their roasted beet and baby carrot salad, a pretty little plate that was simply sensational. The combination of the sweet carrots and earthy beets lightly dressed in a toasted cumin vinaigrette paired well with the goat cheese and pulled parsley.

The seafood pot pie was next on the menu. This comforting West Coast medley of halibut, salmon, scallops and prawns was rich and creamy. The flaky croissant crust was a glamorous touch to what is ordinarily a humble dish. We enjoyed it thoroughly.

We left the most controversial dish for last. DFBC aka deep fried blue cheese sandwiches. These are one of those “love ‘em or hate ‘em” kind of creations. It’s kind of similar to a Monte Cristo sandwich if you replaced every ingredient with blue cheese (save the bread and the batter). If you are a blue cheese lover however, you’ll be in heaven.


We hope that Corner Bistro is here to stay. This location hasn’t been kind to its predecessors but we think Phil has a good thing going here. We cannot wait to come back for a live show as we have a hot date with some pulled pork styx!

Corner Bistro

75 Front St

(250) 591-0509

Business Hours

Monday – Saturday 11am-midnight

Closed Sundays

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