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How Long Does It Take to Boil Chicken Feet? (Femoral)

The standard time to boil chicken feet is 30 to 40 minutes. If you cook for a shorter time, the meat will be undercooked, and if you cook a little more, the meat will be overcooked and hard. Stay within the confines of this stage, and you’ll have perfect, soft textured drumsticks.

Use an instant-read thermometer or meat thermometer to check that the chicken is cooked through. After about 30 minutes, insert the thermometer deep into the firmest part of the drumstick and if the temperature reads 165°F (74°C), the thermometer is done. For dark chicken, the temperature should read slightly higher.

The original color of raw chicken is pink. When it is fully cooked, it will turn white. If the original color is darker than pink, it will turn light brown when it’s finished cooking. The pinkish color will disappear when the drumsticks are fully cooked.

Factors affecting the boiling time of chicken feet

The required cooking time for chicken feet may be shorter or longer due to the following factors:

  1. The color of the meat
    White meat cooks faster than dark meats. The color of the meat depends on the fat and density. If the meat has more fat and is denser, the meat will have a darker color and vice versa.
  2. Type of Pot or Pan Used for Boiling
    Boiling chicken feet in a shallow pot with moderate amount of water will be faster. If you use a deep pot with too much water, the whole process will take longer.
  3. Amount of chicken feet
    Cooking a few chicken feet is quicker than cooking a lot of chicken feet.
  4. Boneless or boneless chicken feet
    Boneless chicken feet will take longer to cook than boneless chicken feet. This is because it takes longer for the bone to heat up and the meat around it to fully cook.
  5. Size of chicken feet
    Large chicken thighs will take longer to cook than small ones.

How to boil chicken feet

When it comes to boiling chicken, it doesn’t mean hard boiled or hard. Putting chicken feet in a pot of boiling water will cause the chicken fibers to shrink. These fibers will tighten, creating toughness for the meat.

To keep the chicken from getting tough, you shouldn’t let the water get too hot. When it starts to boil, reduce the heat to low and keep it there until the chicken is fully cooked.

To illustrate this point, here is a step-by-step guide on how to properly boil chicken feet.

  1. Prepare one kilogram (2 lbs) of chicken feet

Clean the chicken feet if they are still in the grocery package. Unclean meat may even contain certain substances that can prolong cooking time. Carefully place the chicken feet into the pot.

  1. Pour enough water

Fill the pot with water – just enough for the size and number of chicken legs you want to boil. For one kilogram (2 lbs) of chicken feet, add about 2.5 liters of water. Reduce the quantity if you have less chicken legs and vice versa.

  1. Add additional ingredients for flavor

To make chicken feet more delicious, you need to add ingredients to create an attractive feeling when eating. Without these ingredients, your boiled chicken legs will be bland and unappetizing to eat.

Here are the possible ingredients to add to the pot:

  • Onions – The addition of onions will increase the spiciness of the chicken. You can cut the onion into quarters or you can add the whole thing. Peel the onions before adding them to the mixture. Add the right amount of onions because too much can make the chicken taste bitter.
  • Black Pepper – Pepper will also add flavor to the chicken feet. Their bitter taste will make the meat taste better. But only use 1/2 tbsp. This small amount will spread in all the chicken legs.
  • Carrot – Carrots will add sweetness to the chicken feet. Just add one carrot to the whole mix. Cut it in half. Then, combine with the onion and black pepper. The sweetness of the carrots will give the chicken feet a chewy taste.
  • Bay leaf dish – Bay leaf will add natural flavor to chicken feet. It is better and healthier than adding artificial flavoring. The bay leaf will provide the flavor of the herb seasoning to the whole blend. You can add two leaves to create this effect.
  1. Boil water and chicken feet

Now you put all the ingredients in the pot, turn on the stove and start boiling the water. Note the time. How long do you boil chicken feet? As mentioned earlier, chicken feet should be cooked for about 30 to 40 minutes.

  1. Add salt to taste

Before the chicken feet are fully cooked, season with salt to taste. This will be around the end of the deadline. Do not add too much salt, otherwise the chicken feet will be salty. Just add a small amount.

  1. Check the chicken feet

After 30 or 40 minutes, pull one leg of the chicken out of the pan and check to see if it’s cooked through. Insert a meat thermometer into its thickest part and if it says 165°F (74°C), it’s fully cooked. The color of the meat at this point should be white. Enjoy your chicken feet.

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