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Wedding Cake Components – The Only Plate Separator System Completely Defined

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The Only Plate Separator System or SPS is a technique to stack and/or separate various cakes. Before the development of the SPS, most bakers would make use of the double plate system, with dowel rods placed in to the cake for added support. The SPS uses just one plate because the posts are pressed with the cake which functions because the foundation. This eliminates one plate and 4 dowel rods. The process saves the baker roughly 40% of the price of a dual plate system. Many in your home bakers are utilizing the SPS, and therefore are happy using its simplicity of use.

Presently, you will find 3 major manufacturers from the Single Plate System, Coast, Loaves of bread Crafts, and Wilton. The 3 of individuals systems are offered through distributors, that sell cake decorating supplies. The Loaves of bread Crafts’ components would be the most generally offered by master cake decoration distributors around the New England. The Loaves of bread Crafts Company has plates in assorted sizes and shapes. The sizes achieve from 6″ to 18″. The shapes are listed below: Round Plates, Heart Formed Plates, and Square Plates. Round frosted plates are fashionable for your very look.

The benefits of this method are: Simple to line-up and created for once use. You’ll uncover forget about worries about returns. It assures ease and accurateness in centering and sustaining tiers also it eliminates all individuals plastic pegs and wooden dowels. The plates attach easily and firmly towards the posts. The plates may be used for tiered or stacked cakes.

Let us spend a minute and discuss the various components around the SPS.

All Multi-Piece Posts contain a 5″ Grecian scored section, collar and 2 2″ extension pieces. The general lengths from the posts are 9″. The Initial Scored Posts contain a 9″ column along with a collar. A software application saw is offered individually for column sizing. Plates and posts: Center and press your cake board around the plate therefore the nib constitutes a marking crack in the heart of the wedding cake board. This ensures correct and fast centering during the time of set-up. Cake boards are highly suggested to avoid sweating. You should not decorate the wedding cake on home plate.

Assembling the tiers is simple to complete whenever you follow these directions. Mark each layer by lightly pressing a plate without legs to the cake top. Next, insert the legs into each plate having a slight twist, securing legs firmly for your plate. Push round collars against each column and so the flat side will rest around the cake top. Lightly insert put together tier (plate with legs and collars) in to the cake. Legs should rest at the base plate safely. Carefully slide column collars lower to relax around the cake to pay for the holes.

Hopefully we’ve done our responsibility and described the way a Single Plate Separator System works best for the wedding cake decorator. To learn more visit our cake decorating supply online shop.

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