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Whether you grill it to absolute perfection or prepare it in a pan, this incredible Wagyu Burger tastes miles better than your usual hamburger. An highly caramelized gourmet burger patty may be produced by using quality, deeply marbled American, Australian, or Japanese Wagyu beef.

Japan is renowned for creating high-quality items, and this reputation also applies to its cuisine and beverages. A5 wagyu beef, which is renowned as the greatest in the world, is probably something you’ve heard of, but have you ever heard of a burger prepared with it?

And what exactly is a wagyu burger?

A burger prepared using Wagyu beef is known as a Wagyu burger. Japanese cattle called “wagyu” are known for having meat that is heavily marbled, giving it a distinct taste and texture. Wagyu burgers normally cost more than regular burgers, but their flavorful, soft texture makes them well worth the extra cost.

Although wagyu burgers are available in the US, there is no assurance that they are prepared from genuine Japanese wagyu.
A wagyu burger may seem like the height of opulent dining, but before you go out and purchase one, make sure it’s the genuine kind. I’ll discuss what distinguishes a genuine wagyu burger from a knockoff while also responding to some often asked questions regarding these burgers.

Does Wagyu’s Transformation into a Burger Ruin It?

Although it is feasible to make wagyu burgers, many chefs question whether they would even be worthwhile given how ground beef negates the benefits of a wagyu steak cut.

The meat’s flawless marbling is wagyu’s key selling point, but does it matter if you crush it up?

What is ground wagyu beef? Premium ground beef that comes from Wagyu cattle is known as wagyu. Wagyu ground beef is regarded as being a cut above the rest since these animals are renowned for producing high-quality meat.

The flesh is juicy and well-marbled, making it ideal for meatloaf, burgers, and other meals that traditionally call for ground beef. Online stores or speciality butcher shops carry wagyu ground beef.

When wagyu meat is turned into ground beef, the natural distribution of fat throughout the flesh is lost, which lessens one of the key appeals of the meat. In comparison to wagyu in steak form, the marbling in a wagyu steak is what gives it its juiciness and softness, which lowers the quality of the burger.

It’s also possible that wagyu beef may not be as suited for burger cooking in the first place since when it’s ground up, the burger patty will become much more laden with fat than your usual burger.

Genuine A5 wagyu, if ground into hamburger meat, would result in a patty so drenched in fat that, if you attempted to cook it, it would literally crumble to pieces. This is due to the fact that the flesh would effectively liquefy and disintegrate without the fat keeping it together.

Another thing to keep in mind is that ground beef may only include a maximum of 30% fat, which is still seen to be too much for the meat used in burgers. Even the ground beef that is normally used in burgers has a fat content of roughly 25%.

Another problem is that wagyu beef is cooked such that you can taste the flesh, particularly given how tasty it is in comparison to other beef. Because burgers often have toppings on them, adding it to one will make you taste the tastes less.

Even if you choose a basic wagyu beef burger, the bread will simply serve to dull your palate and lessen the intensity of the wagyu flavor.

Of course, wagyu beef burgers may still be made to a high standard. To preserve the taste of the meat, you must be careful not to overseason it. Additionally, you should make sure that your burger is cooked to a medium-rare level since heating it further can cause the meat’s greatest tastes to be lost.

When it comes to whether or not wagyu burgers are worthwhile investing the money and time in preparation, chefs and cooks disagree strongly.

How to Purchase Wagyu Beef?

Burger American Wagyu Authentic Food Quest’s Snake River Farm
Snake River Farms is known for its premium, ethically and sustainably produced American Wagyu beef.

We choose Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef for the highest quality wagyu burger. The family-owned business Snake River Farms is credited for developing American wagyu beef. They rear wagyu cattle without the use of growth hormones on their ranches in Idaho and Washington.

Numerous restaurants around the nation with Michelin stars serve their beef wagyu.

Buying wagyu beef is simple thanks to Snake River Farms, who ship and deliver right to your door.

Snake River Farms provides the highest quality and delivery choice for where to purchase wagyu beef.

Price of a Wagyu Beef Burger

American ground wagyu beef is more expensive than regular ground beef. This is because the beef is of high grade and the cows are reared in a sustainable manner.

One pound of wagyu ground beef costs $14.00 at Snake River Farms. Although cheaper ground beef is available, the tastes of wagyu are incomparable.

You can create the most tasty and juicy gourmet burger you’ve ever tasted by using American wagyu beef.



1 pound (450g) beef wagyu ground

4 ounces (100g) Creamy Mix of Brie-style cheese with truffles

1 brioche bun, 2

BBQ Sauce, 16 ounces (454g)

1 ounce (30g) 1 ounce. butter (30ml) Canning Oil

One sweet onion

30 ml of apple cider in 1 ounce Vinegar

7 grams of truffle honey per teaspoon

Truffle salt, 2 teaspoons (10g)


Take the wagyu beef out of the container, then divide it into two 8-ounce patties.

Peel the sweet onion, then julienne cut it.

Melt half of the butter over medium-high heat in a saute pan. Add a few drops of canola oil to

In a pan, add the julienned onions and simmer, turning often, until caramelized.

When the onions are jammy, add the vinegar and honey, season with truffle salt, and simmer over medium heat. Place aside

Add the remaining canola oil to another saute pan that has been heated over high heat. Heat the oil until it starts to smoke.

For approximately 2 minutes, add the wagyu burger and heat until browned. The burger should be medium rare after 2 minutes of flipping. sanitize the pan

Activate the broiler

Wagyu burgers should be taken out of the pan and placed on a baking sheet.

The patties are topped with a creamy cheese and truffle mixture, which is then broiler-cooked until the cheese melts. roughly 2 minutes

The clean pan is warmed over medium heat. Butter each side of the cut-in-half buns. The buns should be placed in the pan and toasted until golden.

Place the bread on a plate, add the burger, caramelized onions, and BBQ sauce.

Serve right away. Enjoy and savor!