Experience the Kamado Joe Konnected Joe Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker from BBQs 2u

Purchasing the greatest BBQ involves considering a number of things before settling on a model.

Among the questions that cross your mind are:

  • Do you like to barbecue or smoke meat?
  • To what extent do you wish to participate in the cooking process?
  • Are you going to be preparing for a large crowd or simply your immediate family?

Making your decision about which BBQ or smoker to choose is a little bit easier after you have these details straight.

You can enjoy smoking and grilling Kamado in your own style with the numerous cooking features of Kamado Joe Konnected Joe.

For the authentic Kamado experience, opt for the Classic mode or the fully digitally controlled Automatic cook mode available at BBQs 2u.

Here is a short review of Kamado Joe Konnected Joe:


Setting up this grill posed a challenge due to its weight, necessitating an extra person.

Unpacking involves removing substantial packaging, but assembly is relatively straightforward.

Clear instructions are provided, and online setup videos offer additional guidance for those who prefer visual instructions.


Enhancing any patio, the grill boasts a stylish, rounded, and compact design, blending functionality with aesthetics.

Its domed body facilitates air circulation while cooking. The lid features a latch with a stop-open system, allowing the release of super-hot air before fully opening—an essential safety feature, sparing users from potential mishaps like singed eyebrows.

Despite its overall size and weight, the grill’s interior cooking surface is slightly smaller than anticipated.

However, it excels in functionality, featuring a divided surface with cast iron flat-top and grate inserts.

This allows versatile cooking styles, enabling users to set up the grill with half cast iron and half grate or utilize the same surface on both sides.

The standout feature of this grill is its “Connected” capability. Through Bluetooth, it connects to Wi-Fi and a dedicated smartphone app.

This app enables remote control of the grill’s internal temperature and monitoring of the attached meat thermometer.

Alerts are provided for timers and when the protein reaches a preset internal temperature.

Collapsible side counters provide prep space and utensil storage. Folding down when not in use, they facilitate safe storage under the included weatherproof cover.


The smart features and app of the grill facilitated a seamless grilling experience. Connecting to Wi-Fi was easy, allowing close-range control.

However, venturing too far led to a loss of connection, limiting remote temperature monitoring.

Within range, the grill’s sensors proved highly accurate, reducing guesswork and enhancing the overall grilling precision.

The flexibility to switch between flat top and grilling grates proved invaluable.

You can utilize the cast iron to sear a steak, creating a caramelized crust, and then transitioned to the grates for thorough cooking and a delightful smoky flavour infusion, showcasing the grill’s versatile cooking capabilities.

Starting the grill is a breeze—load charcoal and press the automatic fire starter. It reaches approximately 200°F in 20 to 30 minutes.

The internal fan automatically adjusts to maintain the set temperature, ensuring convenient and precise temperature control during cooking.

Once notified by the app of the grill’s temperature, insert the meat thermometer, and the app alerts when it reaches the desired internal temperature or cooking time.

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